Stock Up Price List

Stocking Up… What Is It & How Do I Do It?

What is stocking up?

When the price of an item reaches that all time low price we consider it a “Stock up Price” and it’s time to buy.  A good rule of thumb when shopping is to think of what your family would use over the course of the next 3-6 months and make your purchase accordingly.

How do I do it? 

This is the part that gets tricky for beginners. Knowing your prices will help A LOT!

Knowing when an item is at its lowest price, helps you to know when to hold onto your coupons, use them, or throw them out. We can and do throw out coupons all the time. Using a coupon just because you have one defeats the purpose of what we’re all about at I Love Savings.

The key to stocking up is getting your items for as close to free as you can.

Check Out our FREE/OVERAGE section or find items for $1 or Less.

When an item hits the “stock up price”, that’s the best time to use your coupons to lower that “stock up price” even more. Hopefully, there is a cash back offer to go along with the “stock up price” and we can reduce the price yet again.

In our “Stock Up Price List”, you will see that we’ve included a “Before Coupon & Cash Back” and an “After Coupon & Cash Back” section. This should help you learn what prices you should be paying for an item, as well as, whether or not we’ve had coupons available for these items.

You will also see a section that lets you know whether we’ve gotten these items for FREE or not within the last year.

This should help you learn what items we shouldn’t pay for, as well as teach you when to dig out your coupons or hold onto them for a bit longer.

To learn more about How to Find Coupons and for a list of Print Coupons take a look through our Coupon Section.

*This list is just a guideline and should be used as such – your families needs at any given moment should supersede waiting for “Stock up Prices” to hit*

The images below are for your reference and can easily be saved to your mobile device.

**If you are having trouble viewing the pics (due to diff resolutions of devices), please download the pic or PDF File.

DOWNLOAD A PDF Version of our Stock Up Price List HERE.

2016 STOCK UP Price List I Love Savings 1

2016 STOCK UP Price List I Love Savings 2

2016 STOCK UP Price List I Love Savings 3

2016 STOCK UP Price List I Love Savings 4

2016 STOCK UP Price List I Love Savings 5

2016 STOCK UP Price List I Love Savings 6

DOWNLOAD A PDF Version of our Stock Up Price List HERE.