Shoppers Optimum

A Guide to Shoppers Drug Mart Optimum Points

shoppers optimum cardAt I love Savings we love using our Shoppers Optimum Card for money savings.  The following is some useful information, tips & tricks to help you maximize your Shoppers Optimum Points. If you aren’t a current member you can sign up HERE or go into any Shoppers Drug Mart Store and pick up an application form & card.

How The Points Work

You get 10pts for every $1 you spend using your Shoppers Optimum Card or 30pts for every $1 you spend if you use a Mastercard PC World Elite Card. Shoppers Drug Mart is owned by Loblaw’s and is available in many areas across Canada.

Shoppers Optimum Reward Levels

You have to reach the following levels in order to redeem your points. You can not go in and do a shop with a total of $25 and ask to take off $25 – it has to be in the amount below and applies only to the price before tax. You always end up paying the tax if there is any.

rewards levels shoppersRegular Redemption Levels

  • 8,000pts = $10
  • 22,000pts = $30
  • 38,000pts = $60
  • 50,000pts = $85
  • 95,000pts = $170

Bonus Redemption Days

You can redeem your points any day of the year but a few times a year they have special Bonus Redemption Days. When they happen redeeming:

  • 50,000pts = $100
  • 95,000pts = $200.
Use Bonus Point Offers to Accumulate Points Quicker

There will be many offers you can use to get points faster. Some offers are better than others but some to watch for are ones such as: Any other really good ones?

  • 18,500pts wus $75 = $25 back in points – 33% savings
  • 8,000pts wus $40 = $10 back in points – 25% savings

shoppers personal offersPersonal Offers

Personal offers will vary every week and can change daily. You may get things like:

  • 2,200pts wub Cashmere Toilet Paper
  • $4 off Maxx Scopp
  • 10x the points wub No Name Chips
  • 20x the points wus $50 on anything in the store
  • 8,000pts wus $40 as an example.

There are two ways to get your personal offers:

  • Create a profile on the website. You’ll be able to see your point offers and load them to your card, see your point balance, can transfer points to another person, update your profile and more.  Create your profile HERE
  • Download the App to your Smart Device. With the app you can view the current flyer, see your personal offers and load them to your card and more. You can get the Shoppers Drug Mart App HERE.

Store Bonus Points Available to Everyone

shoppers x pointThere are 3 types of store bonus offers

  • Points Events – Example. get 18,500 wub $75 – advertised in the flyer
  • X the Points Events – Example. 20x the points wus $50 advertised in the flyer
  • X the points on a Specific Product or Line. – Example 20x the points wub Dessange Hair Care – may be advertised in the flyer or may also be found simply by walking the store.


Everyday Items That Are Close to the Same Price Everywhere

If you buy these items anyway you may as well get them at Shoppers Drug Mart and get points for them. A lot of times they will also work with small bonus offers like get 1,000pts wub $10 on grocery items. Some of these come on sale there quite often as well.

  • eggs milk breadEggs
  • Milk (not all provinces give points on milk)
  • Coffee Creamer
  • Bread
  • Butter
  • Coffee
  • Chips
  • Pop

Things You Do Not Get Points On:

These also do not apply to the price of your order when you are trying to get a bonus point offer. For example if you are trying to use an offer of 8,000 points wus $40 you can not use the cost of any of those when trying to come up with your budget of the $40. Please read all offers as there may be other exclusions as well.

  • Stamps
  • Gift Cards to Other Stores
  • Event Tickets
  • Tobacco Products (where still sold)
  • Pointable Items
  • Lottery Tickets
  • Prescriptions (Some provinces do allow for this – check with your store)
Using Coupons

Match up with coupons whenever you can. Using coupons can reduce your final out of pocket total while still getting your points. To find out how you find coupons visit our How to Find Coupons Page.  Here’s some tips to remember:

  • $$$ off coupons. Think of them as Loonies or Twonies – they are a form of payment and do not affect your total when trying to reach your offer amount. Example you have an offer of 8,000pts wus $40 and your order before taxes totaled $40 exactly – using the $1 coupon for a product you bought means you are now only paying $39 in real cash.
  • FPC’s do count towards the total you need to spend in order to use a points offer and a great time to use them.  Watch your FPC’s however as Shopper’s is a more expensive store and some FPC’s have a max limit.
  • The same applies if you use a BOGO coupon.

Other Useful Tips

  • shoppers gift cardsBuy a Shoppers Drug Mart Gift Card before you shop. You get points for buying Shoppers Drug Mart Gift Cards. You do not get bonus points for buying the gift cards just regular points. You would not get the 18,500 for spending $75 just for buying a $100 gift card. You would get:
    • $25 card = 250pts
    • $50 card = 500pts
    • $100 card = 1000pts
  • Know your prices as not all things will be a good deal.
  • Shop on a Friday night after 5pm and you can usually take advantage of the current weeks prices and the following weeks prices as they are in the process of changing everything for the start of the next day sale.
  • If there are Mail In Rebates for items you want purchase them at Shoppers during one of your point offers or during a points event. Read your mail in rebate offer to adhere to the instructions. You’ll get regular points for buying the product, the price will go towards the total you need to spend for the bonus points and you get your money back through the mail in rebate.

Rebate Apps

Watch your rebate apps as well as a lot of times we are able to match up a sale, with a coupon and a rebate to get the lowest price. If you haven’t already signed up for the rebate apps we use you can do so by viewing our Must Have Apps Page.