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NOTE: The I Love Savings Website and I Love Savings Facebook Group are in no way affiliated or associated with PC Plus. This is our view of the program, benefits and ways it can help you.

PC Plus

pc plusPC Plus really is all about food and if you take a look at their websites and programs, they have many options & benefits. One of the biggest benefits is it helps you save money on groceries using the PC Plus Points Program.

PC Plus Points Program

To Join the PC Plus Program you can do so by going into any PC Plus Store and getting a card or by going online and registering HERE.

3 Ways to Collect Points

Think of the points program like the Cashback Apps we use with the main difference being you don’t put in for a check to get your money back. Instead you collect points to be used in the store for future use whether it is for food or gift items.

pc plus cardMany people will save up points for special occasions such as birthdays or Christmas or for those times of year when gift giving expenses are higher or to use for those unforeseen moments when the car craps out and leaves you short in your budget for shopping. Regardless of what you save them for, how you spend them or what you spend them on it is a great way to save money.

Offers are always a 1 time use meaning once you’ve done a shop and claimed the offer you can’t go back in later that day and do it again. Check each offer as well to ensure it allows you to buy multiples of an item in a single transaction as on occasion an offer will only be good for 1 item.

  • Personal Offers – Sign into your account every week either online or through your app and load your personal offers. They do change weekly and may be on a Thursday or a Friday depending on your stores in your area.
  • Store Offers – These offers may be available for everyone across Canada or may be a store specific offer so when you are shopping, always watch for tags for non advertised points offers.
  • PC Financial Points – Buy using one of the following PC Financial payment methods you also earn points back for every $1 you spend in the store. These points can be combined with Store Points Offers and Personal Offers.
    • 30 PC® points per $1 with the PC Financial® World Elite MasterCard®
    • 20 PC® points per $1 with the PC Financial® World MasterCard®
    • 10 PC® points per $1 with the PC Financial MasterCard
    • 5 PC® points per $1 spent with the PC Financial® Prepaid MasterCard®
    • 5 PC® points per $1 with the PC Financial® bank card1
    • For more information on these payment options click HERE

Point Values:

  • 10pts = 1 cent
  • 100pts = 10 cents
  • 250pts = 25 cents
  • 1,000pts = $1
  • 10,000pts = $10
  • 20,000pts = $20 which is the minimum requirement to do a redemption
  • 100,000pts = $100 etc etc

If you’d like to read the whole Terms & Conditions Policy you can do so HERE

Redeeming Points

You must redeem 20,000pts each time you do a redemption. It goes in increments of 10,000pts after that. So in other words you must redeem 20,000pts or 30,000pts or 40,000pts etc etc. They do advise having your PC Plus Card scanned before you start cashing out in order to receive your points.

PC Plus Brand of Stores

pc plus stores

There are many stores across Canada – Check the list below for one in your region. Not all of the PC Plus Brand of stores allow Price Matching but we’ve marked the ones that do with a (PM). Policies may change from store to store and could be different from the Corporate Policy so check with your store to see what their policy is and what limitations or restrictions they have.

Regardless of which store you prefer to shop in the more you use your PC Plus Card the more it will start to notice the things you buy and send you personal offers for them to help you save.

PC Plus App

You can download the PC Plus App from the PC Plus Website under PC Mobile and it is available for both Android and Apple Devices.  To get the app click HERE

***App Features***

Hold An Offer For Next Week

pc plus appIf you have an offer you’d like to buy but want to wait until the following week to do so – swipe the offer to the left. It will give you the option to Hold For Next Week. Once you have put it on hold you won’t be able to use the offer until the next week. The benefit of this is we get a sneak peak every week into what the upcoming deals are going to be therefore you can better determine whether to use a bonus offer this week or wait and use it the following week with a better deal. Note Bonus Offers can not be held past there expiry date.

Stop Sending Me This Offer

We’ve all had those offers on things that we’ve never heard of or never buy. To stop getting those offers swipe it to the left and tap the Stop Sending Me This Offer. By scanning your card every time you shop it will also tell them what types of products you do buy and start sending you offers on them.

Missing Points Feature

Another great new feature to make our lives easier is the Points Inquiry. If you are missing points go to My Account and view your Summary or Transactions. Tap on the transaction you are missing the points from. At the bottom of each one you will see a Points Inquiry Button. Tap on it and it will allow you to send an inquiry for your missing points. I’ve already tried it and it worked beautifully.

Digital Card

Forget your PC Plus Keyfob or Card? Tired of carrying plastic? No problem. One of the handy features of the app is you always have your card with you as long as you have your device. The Digital Card can be scanned right at the cash register.

Store Locator

The app has a handy Store Locator Feature. I use it when traveling within Canada. Enter the name of the city you are in and if there is a store in that area it will pull it up and give you the address.

Save Money on Fruit, Meat & Vegetables

pc plus personal offersEating healthy is more cost effective than you think. Use the I Love Savings Weekly Produce, Meat & More list to help you find the lowest prices for your fresh fruit, vegetables and meat. Buy them at a PC Plus store and you will start getting personal offers for them. Lots of times we are able to price match a good sale with a points offer to get some extra savings. Occasionally we will also manage to get a Coupon and Cashback Offer as an extra bonus of savings.

Another great way to get more offers on meat, vegetables and fruit is if you have a second person in your household of age that can have a second card. Divide up the cards and only use them to buy certain things.

For example:

Card #1 – If you would normally eat beef and pork with potatoes, onions, tomatoes, green beans then buy those types of items using card #1.

Card #2 – If you would normally eat chicken and fish with pasta or rice and certain vegetables typically found in a stir fry type dish buy those items with card #2

The reason for dividing the cards in ways such as that is they may give you offers on all those items in a week and with a good sale price, pc point offer, possible coupon and possible rebate you can have some dishes you like to eat and the ability to save money for doing so.


Every so often we are also able to combine a Coupon with a good sale and a points offer.  Here are a few examples to watch for or try – please note there are no guarantees you will get one but you definitely won’t if you don’t ask:

  • A few times a year Websaver has a VIP Mail Out pack that has, in the past, included coupons for certain fruit and vegetables.
  • Bolthouse – send them an email and make a request HERE
  • Mann’s Vegetables  – send them an email and make a request HERE
  • Fresh Express – send them an email and make a request HERE
  • MarcAngelo Meats – They generally mail out 1 coupon per household per year but do have contests were you can win more coupons. You can order a coupon HERE
  • Black River Angus Meats – They generally mail out 1 coupon per household per year but do have contests were you can win more coupons. you can order a coupon HERE
  • Johnsonville Sausage – They will mail out coupons every 3 months. Email them HERE
  • Watch the printable coupons as well for ones from places like Piller’s.
  • Watch packaging – The Uncle Ben’s Rice Buckets which normally have a coupon off fresh chicken.
  • Berries – One great way of getting berries for free or for a lot less is to watch your personal offers, find a sale to price match for your berries and use the Driscoll’s Berries Coupons. For more information on the Driscoll’s Berries Program click HERE
  • Really we see far more coupons out there than we think and they could be found anywhere.

Coupon Zone Boards

You may find coupons in any of the PC Plus Stores but certain stores also have Coupon Zone Boards. These are generally found around the entrance of the store and vary in size and offers. You will generally find a recipe card of some kind that may have a coupon with it; regular manufacturers tear pad coupons and Coupon Zone Coupons. The ones with the yellow stripe across the top are the Coupon Zone Coupons. Check with your store on the policy for usage but generally you can combine a Coupon Zone Coupon with a Manufacturer’s Coupon for extra savings.

To download an I Love Savings Shopping Planner Spreadsheet click HERE

Some examples of things I’ve had free or close to it or for a great deal using the PC Plus Program:

  • Palmolive Dish Soap – Many times I’ve had a personal offer for 800pts (80 cents/bottle). Combining it with a sale of $2 or less and using a $1 coupon that comes out periodically in an insert has made a bottle 20 cents or less plus taxes and many times free.
  • PC Blue Menu Beans – At one time there had been a promotional offer of 1,000pts ($1/can) on the PC Plus Website that you had to sign in an load. They just happened to be on sale that week for $1 so every can you bought you got the same amount back in points making them free.
  • Danette – Many times I’ve had the offer of 500pts (50cents/pack). The Danone Promotions have had printable coupons for $1.50 off and combined with a $2 sale have made them free.

Other Tips:

Think of the other Pin Code Programs or Promotions out there as well and buy them at a PC Plus Store. You’ll possibly start to get point offers on these which will help to reduce the cost of buying them or possibly make them free or overage using a good sale and/or Price Matching. A number of programs out there offer pin codes that will lead to other free items so really it’s like getting a bonus on top of a bonus. Again check with your stores on Price Matching Policies. When possible combine the offers with a Coupon and Cashback App as well for even more savings.

  • Lunch Bucks Program
  • Stouffers Pins
  • Any of the Kellogg’s Promotions- when available – Watch for the yearly Hasbro Toy Promotion starting around September/October.
  • Yearly Pepsi Promotion – Occurs end of December – beginning of January every year
  • Purell Sanitizer Points Program
  • I’m sure there are many more
  • Watch for offers on products that also have a current Mail In Rebate – if you are planning to buy the product anyway and you have a points offer that gives you points for it not only will you be getting the item free with the mail in rebate but you’ll make a little extra with the points you got for buying it.

PC Plus Gift Cards

PC Plus Gift CardsYou do not need to buy gifts cards in order to spend your points in the store – you can just swipe your card and tell the cashier to deduct your point in the appropriate denomination such as 20,000, 30,000 etc. You do have the option though to buy PC Plus Gift Cards using your points if you wish. They can be used to purchase anything in the store. Some exceptions do apply. Here are some of the reasons we think having a couple on hand might be handy or purchasing them with your points before you shop.

  • There are many times when life is just too busy and you are in a hurry and need to stop in and grab something quick– having a card means not swiping your debit card or credit card for a small shop. Unless you have a plan that doesn’t charge you for transactions these costs can add up after a while.
  • There are also lots of times when you plan your shopping that your total is only going to come to say $15 but you had wanted to use points to pay for it. A minimum redemption is using $20 in points therefore you have to  add more to your bill in order to have your points deducted at the cash register. In cases such as these buy 2 x $10 gift cards before you shop that way you can stick to your original budget and keep the remainder of your savings on a card for a future purchase. Why buy things you didn’t want or need just to pay with your points.
  • Gift Cards always make a great gift for those hard to buy for people or the kids in college or even for those who make up gift baskets for donations or to help those in need.
  • If you have kids you might find this one benefit to having a $10 card around as well. Kids always want money to go to the store. In today’s plastic world you don’t always have cash on you and as much as you trust your kids why give them the bank card. You know they are going to buy junk food more than likely but buying it at a convenience store is generally more costly than buying it in a grocery store. If the grocery store is close by for them to go to send them there with a gift card. They will save on what they buy but also in a grocery store they have so many more choices and options on what they could buy that they may surprise you and come home with fruit or something on the healthier side. Stop laughing – it is possible. More than likely they will come home with the junk food still but at least they have the other options – in a convenience store they don’t. You may also get lucky enough to have them come home with money left on the card for a future purchase. Ok seriously stop laughing! How often do you get your change? If you know they are buying a specific item and you have a coupon for it you could also give them to them to reduce the costs. No reason they can’t start learning. They can’t do that in a convenience store either.
  • Depending on your kids age and level in math they would be a good way to start introducing budgeting to them. We buy their body washes, shampoos and other hygiene products all the time. The older they get they also develop there own preferences for types and scents which with some can be the end of the world if you get the wrong kind. Take them with you and let them be responsible for shopping for their own products. Give them a budget they can use every month to buy the things they want and need. You will have to help them with the price matching, coupons, cashback apps and pc points as they will not be old enough or able to use all those options for savings and at least not initially. Help them to make a list of the things they want and the price so they can see costs and so they can start recognizing when it is actually a deal in the store or eventually by using the flyers for price matching. You can even keep track of what they claim back on the cashback apps or what they got using your points card and once they’ve saved $10 between those give them a bonus $10 gift card. Not only is there always those higher priced hygiene products they want that don’t necessarily need to be purchased every month but you could also suggest to them to save there bonus cards to us towards other things in the store like gift items, toys, clothes or electronics.

For more information on PC Plus Gift Cards click HERE


Guiding Stars Program

You can visit the Guiding Stars Website HERE

Every time you use your PC Plus Card it sends information to the Guiding Stars Program which keeps track of your purchases on 1, 2 or 3 star items. The goal is to show you how well you are doing at buying more nutritious foods. To see your results sign into your PC Plus account.

How Foods Are Rated

guiding starsFoods are rated based on a balance of credits and debits. Foods are credited for vitamins, minerals, dietary fibre, whole grains, and Omega-3 fatty acids, and debited for saturated fats, trans fats, added sodium and added sugar. Rated foods are marked with easy-to-follow tags in the store indicating whether a product has a 1, 2, or 3 star rating. A 3 star rating is the highest a food can get and 0 star rating is the lowest and won’t have a sign at all.

For more information on how they come up with the rating system and to see what exceptions apply click HERE.

To download a copy of the Algorithm used to come up with the star ratings click HERE

Food Finder

To use the Food Finder click HERE.

This is quite a cool feature on the Guiding Stars website and a great resource for trying to eat healthier and know whether a food you are about to buy has any real nutritional value based on the criteria above. If it doesn’t have a star rating it doesn’t mean it has no nutritional value it just means it did not meet the criteria to receive a star rating. Some other benefits:

  • food finderYou can literally type in the name of the product you want to buy including the brand and it will give you its star rating. With 30,000 foods in the database you won’t find many without a rating of some kind.
  • It will help you with meal planning as you’ll be able to see whether that bacon you want has a rating and if not it will at least tell you that maybe you need to add in some vegetables with that bacon to add some higher nutritional valued foods.
  • When they have a PC Plus Bonus offer of buy the star rated products to get bonus points you can use the food finder to check things you want to buy to see if they will qualify for the bonus offer.
  • Use it as a teaching guide with your kids. Get them to look up items as you are making your list so they can see what values certain foods have. Younger kids especially generally associate stars as a good thing from getting stars in school on projects or tests or for good behavior. Even as adults we generally associate stars with something positive.
  • When your kids want a snack and you want them to eat something healthier tell them to look up the things they’d like to have in the food finder and see if they have a 1, 2 or 3 star rating. Tell them they need to find a certain star rated product as their snack. If it has no star rating well maybe they have to wait until a treat day for that.

PC Plus Menu Planner & Shopping List

To use the Menu Planner & Shopping List  sign into your PC Plus Account HERE

When you login to your PC Plus Account on the computer you will see a bar that has Offers, Recipes, Meal Plan, Shopping List and My Account.  The same features are also found on the PC Plus App.

Offers Tab

  • This tab shows you your point offers for the week and allows you to load them if you haven’t already done so.

Recipes Tab

  • They show you recipes based on your preferences and shopping habits. You can also use the search feature to look for certain recipes that might interest you.
  • To see the full recipe click on the name.
  • You’ll notice with each recipe that you have the option to add it to your shopping list. Once you’ve added it to your shopping list it will also show you all the ingredients required to make the recipe so you can check which items you need to buy in order to make it. These checked items get added to your shopping list for the week.
  • You will also notice that it has the option to add it to your Meal Planner. When you click to add it you will have the option to place that recipe anywhere in the planner for the next week. You also have the option to remove it from you planner or move it to a different day.
  • pc plus shopping listOne last feature you have is to save the recipe to your favorites. With so many great recipes out there you never know when the recipes may change and you won’t see it again. It’s a good way to keep track of those that piqued your interest but perhaps just didn’t fit into your plan at the moment.

Meal Plan Tab

  • Once you’ve selected your recipes for the week you can go to your Meal Plan Tab to see your full weeks plan.
  • You can always switch around recipes or delete ones and look for new ones
  • At the bottom of the page it also gives you the option to print your weeks plan or email it to yourself.

Shopping List

  • The Shopping List is just that. Once you’ve chosen your recipes, planned your meals and added your items to your Shopping list you are half way ready to go.
  • The list shows you all your offers for the week so you can see if any of the ingredients you are purchasing are going to match up with an offer you have.
  • You can also build a weekly Staples list and add them in before you print your weekly list as well. Things such as milk, bread etc that you know you buy weekly can be added to you list.
  • Now that you have your list for the week and know what points offers you have you can also match these up with any sales in your area and Price Match them if you can to help save you money. If you are really lucky you’ll also be able to match it up with a coupon or cash back app as well.

PC Cooking School

pc plus cooking school

If you are looking for something new and unique to do for a night out with friends, your kids, partner or even just a breather for yourself check out some of the cooking classes offered. Note not all stores participate in the PC Cooking School program but check to see if one in your area does. These are generally not free but you might find them interesting and learn some new things. Some classes are hands on and other more for demonstration purposes. Occasionally they will offer free ones or ones where you spend $10 on the class and get a $10 Gift Card to be used in store essentially making your evening free. They also have birthday packages for kids which might be a cool afternoon. They may at times also have PA Day cooking classes for kids – watch the website for new classes.

To find out if there are classes in your area go to the PC Cooking School Site HERE

  • Choose your Province and City. If your city is not listed then you unfortunately don’t have a store with classes in your area.
  • If your city is listed then it will take you to another page where you click on the Cooking Classes Section on the left hand side down the page a bit to see all classes held in your area.

As you can see there are many benefits hidden with in the pages the the PC Plus websites and some great ways to save money on things you want and need.

If you found this page to be helpful for you please feel free to share it with others so that they may benefit as well.