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With the digital age ever evolving the use of Apps have become the norm. If you are a smart device user you will want to check our Must Have Apps. Some of these programs are also available for use online if you are not a smart device user. I’ll indicate that on each one that is.  At I Love Savings we do recommend them all – Savings Apps for Canadians.

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Cashback Apps

Cashback Apps are just that. Apps that will give you money back on things you buy everyday. You can achieve some of the best savings buy combining a sale with a coupon and a cashback rebate. A number of times we have had items for free, paying only the taxes and sometimes even made a little bit of money to take an item home.   On rare occasions we also see the same product have a rebate on different apps at the same time. Regardless of the price point you paid if there is a cashback rebate – claim it.

How They Work:

  • Browse through the offers to see which ones you like. Tap on each offer to read the instructions, restrictions, limits etc. and buy the products accordingly.
  • Each app has an upload feature – use the upload button to take a picture of your receipt making sure to capture the top of the receipt all the way to the bottom. Make sure your pictures are clear and the name of the store and the date of purchase is visible. Once you are done hit submit.
  • A list will appear with all the current offers. Go through and choose which offers you are claiming. Once you’ve picked them all and in the quantities you bought – hit submit.
  • Receipts are generally approved within a couple of days and your account credited.
  • Once your account reaches its threshold you can request your money back. It takes roughly 3 weeks to receive your money once you’ve requested it most cases.

We blog deals every week using these Must Have Apps:


checkout51Checkout51 is the most popular app and the one we blog the most deals using. If you don’t have it already I highly recommend getting it.

  • Offers go from Thursday 12:01am – Wednesday 11:59pm.
  • It has the most weekly offers out of all the apps.
  • Once your account reaches $20 you can request a check or let it accumulate.
  • App is available for both Android & Apple users.
  • The program can also be used through the website for non smart device users.
  • Sign up for your Checkout51 Account Here



Caddlecaddle is a cashback app with a twist. They have the normal offers of buy this product and get this amount back but on some offers they also have a bonus that if you watch a short 10-20 second video and answer a couple of quick questions you can earn cashback just for doing that. Even if all you did was watch the videos and answer the questions you can accumulate some money back.

  • Offers may change at any time
  • This app program is available for use online or through the app
  • This app has been featured on The Dragon’s Den and accepted
  • Once your account reaches $20 you can put in a request to get your money. They have 2 options for payment: By Check or through Paypal.
  • Sign up for your Caddle Account Here


zweetZweet is a cashback app similar to all of the rest but with 1 unique feature. With Zweet every receipt you upload and get approved you also receive 5 Zweet points. Once you’ve accumulated enough points you can look through the list of offers and get gift cards to places like Tim Horton’s & Star Bucks or Donate your points to a Charity. Please note it does take quite a while to accumulate these points. Don’t buy things just for these points. One way to accumulate them a little faster though is if you are planning on buying things on the list anyway buy them in separate transactions then you will get 5 Zweet points for each item you bought instead of 5 points for buying them all on the same receipt.

  • Offers go from 12:01 Wednesday – 11:59pm Tuesday
  • This app is available for both Android & Apple users
  • This program can also be accessed through the website for non smart device users.
  • Once your account reaches $20 you can request a check or let it accumulate.
  • Sign up for your Zweet Account Here


save Save is like the other apps in how you do the offers but has a few other unique features as well.

  • Offers in the cashback section change at random and are limited in the numbers of offers.
    • Once your account reaches $5 you can put in for payment. Payments are made through PayPal only so you must have a PayPal account as well.
    • Cashback offers are not available to partake in online – only through the app
  • There is a flyer section on the app that shows you big name store flyers. While browsing the flyer it will also allow you to tap on an item and add it to your list. You can then view your shopping list and know where all your items are on sale.
  • The app has a search feature and allows for searching by store or product
  • The app also has a Wallet feature where you can upload all your point cards and keep them in one place for easy scanning.
  • On the website you can also order or print coupons – you can’t do this on the app
  • Available for Android & Apple Users
  • Download the App HERE



Flippflipp is a great app to use if you can only do local price matching and cashbacks. You enter your postal code and it shows you the flyers in your area. Flipp has a few other great features too such as:

  • For the Cashback feature please note the offers do state can not be combined with a coupon and for ease of use would recommend buying any items you plan to claim on Flipp on a separate receipt with no coupons for anything.
  • Allows you to clip items in the flyer that you want to buy. Once you’ve clipped them all they appear under the clippings section making it easy to show a cashier your price matches.
  • It has a search feature that allows you to search buy product – this is handy so you can see where a product is on sale and for the best price in your area.
  • It has a Shopping List feature. Add in the items you need for the week and look at your shopping list. Click in the name potatoes for example and it will show you all the places that they are on sale.
  • The app also has a coupon feature. When looking at a flyer and you see a $ on a product it means there is a coupon to match. Click on the $ or go to the coupon section and clip the coupons you want. The app will email you the coupons to print off.
  • This app is available for Android & Apple
  • Download the App Here

Price Matching Apps

Price matching goes so much easier when you are using one of the apps. You can still use a paper flyer as well but the apps make it a little easier. There are more apps out there that you can use but when choosing one make sure it has Canadian Flyers.  For more on How To Price Match click HERE


flyerifyFlyerify is a great app to use if you still have the ability to do province or Canada wide price matching. Learn how to do screenshots on your smart device. Screenshots will be saved in one folder usually where you find all your pictures and will make showing a cashier your price matches easier.

  • You can view flyers online on the Flyerify website – if you print off a flyer make sure it shows the store flyer dates and name.
  • Shows you flyers from across Canada
  • Has a search feature that allows you to search for a specific store
  • The app allows you to add stores you use the most to your favorites
  • Has an Upcoming section for flyers that are about to come out
  • The app is available for Android & Apple
  • Download the App Here


Reebee is another great app to use for price matching.  It also will show you your local flyers but the best part about Reebee is once you’ve looked at a flyer with your app it saves it in your Cell cache which means you can view it later offline as well.  Why is this great?  When you are in a store and you forgot to get your screenshot of something you can easily look through the flyers again without having to turn on your cellphone data

  • Lets you view your local flyers
  • Has a search function
  • Has a chaching system for offline viewing
  • Download the App Here


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