How To Price Match

What is Price Matching?

At I Love Savings we’ll show you the ropes.  Learning How to Price Match is the easiest thing you can do to save money with little effort in Canada.  Join our Facebook Group as well and join in on the conversation – fellow savers are always eager to help answer questions for those who are just starting out.

Price Matching is when you use a flyer – whether paper or digital – to price match a product and pay the advertised price from another store.

Ie: FreshCo has Kraft Peanut Butter 750g jar on for $2.99 – you can use the flyer to price match that at No Frills to pay the same price.

What is the purpose of price matching?
To pay the lowest price for your shop all in one store saving you time, money and gas.

How to Price Match

  1. Know your prices, know them all and know them well.
  2. All the flyers that you need are on Flyerify – you can view them online.  Make sure the page you print has the dates of the flyer shown. Circle the date. (see our Must Have Apps for even easier price matching)
  3. Some stores might not take printed or online flyers so you can always take the real deal as well however i’ve not had an issue yet with the Flyer Apps.
  4. Bring in a calculator and multiply by 2.2 to get the price per kilogram (we do live in Canada)
  5. Read all the stores’ policies on how many items you can price match, who price matches and who do they price match to. You can usually find this information on the stores website or better yet ask a manager or CSM if the Price Match and what the policy is.
  6. When Price Matching keep in mind that the number 4 is always safe, 4 items or 4 kilograms – don’t be greedy and always keep others in mind too.
  7. The best place to price match is in Walmart. Best place to price match fruit and vegetables is RCSS. They have the best fruit/vegetables and they PM.
  8. Be organized! Place items you want to price match from a single flyer together on the conveyor belt and the flyer visibly on top. Make the life of the cashier easier, please.
  9. Make sure the item you are price matching is the same. size, brand, grams etc.
  10. Many stores will let you price No Name or store brand for their store brand. So if eggs are $1.67 and it is FreshCo brand, Walmart will match to Walmart store brand.
  11. Use Coupons to maximize savings when you price match. (see Grocery Savings Part 2)
  12. Walmart treats CZ as a price match so you cannot use CZ and price match too, but you can use any other coupons when you price match in almost any store (check list).
  13. A cashier once told me how helpful it was that I flagged the spot I wanted price matched with a colorful sticky. It speeds up the process. Also you can circle the items you are price matching and highlight the price and the size/weight.
  14. Places like Home Depot are amazing to price match at. You get extra 10% off the item you just price matched. Same in Canadian Tire but you get the cash in CT money there.

Things You Cannot Price Match

  1. B1G1 free, unless price is clearly stated.
  2. Gift with purchase, but for $50 get a bag of potatoes; buy for $250 get $50 gift card.
  3. Percentage off, when the price of the item is not shown like 30% off.

Visit every Friday and view the Fresh Produce List. This list can be used in most Walmart stores and possibly others to get the lowest prices on your fruit, vegetables and meat every week.

What Are Sale Prices?

First and foremost there is no such thing. One of the most common mistakes people make is looking at a regular price and seeing “how much they save”. Companies take advantage of it every day. I cannot stress it enough – there are no regular prices or sale prices. Change your mind set. There are OK prices – price you should be ok paying for an item when you need it. The second level is GREAT price. If an items goes below the price in my list you should get a bunch. Then there is FREE or better at that level alone you stock up. Best thing you can do is know the prices of the 20 items you use the most. Please stop looking at flyers and saying Oh cheese was 10.99 in Sobeys and this week it is $5 off. It is only $6 for 500g. I am saving so much. None of those numbers have any meaning. Same applies to % discount.
Here’s a great 8 min video showing the Basics of Price Matching and Couponing and how we combine all the savings tricks to get to some of the best deals we can. For more great videos you can visit and subscribe to our YouTube Channel HERE