Take Advantage of Hidden Amazon Deals

Did you know we have a Facebook Group with over 24,000 members?  Are you one of them?  If not one thing you might like to know is that our amazing team of ladies find hidden savings deals and/or code deals for items on Amazon and only post them in our closed Facebook Group.

Why do they do this?  Some deals are limited in quantity and or have short time frames or have codes found or given to us directly for deeper discounts and again are limited in quantity.  Sometimes by the time they are blogged and posted they are already sold out, so in order to save time and ensure our followers get a chance at them they only get posted in our group.

Just as an example, this past December, members were able to get in on a short lived deal to get a $300 Lego Kit for $15 – WHAT!!!!

Join the I Love Savings Group Here and get notified of when those special deals go live.



I started shopping using the money saving methods found on I Love Savings a few years ago. Not only have I managed to save approx $10,000/yr on our everyday household needs but I've been able to participate in so many Free & Overage Deals, $1 or Less Deals and just plain lowest price deals that it has allowed me to help my friends as well and still have some left over for making donations. My personal fave apps are Checkout51, Caddle and Zweet. Take a look at our Must Have Apps for more information on how these work.

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