Minute Maid or Oasis Juice Boxes

Dec 7 – 13 Minute Maid or Oasis Juice Boxes are on for $2 @ Maxi & $1.97 @ No Frills ATL & ON

Use the $1 coupon from the peelie pack for the Minute Maid Juice and get a case for $1.

Use the $1.50 coupon from the Apple Juice Boxes or the Oasis Juice Boxes and get a case for 50 cents.


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3 responses

  1. Couper says:

    The 1.50 apple juice coupons have expired

    • Heather says:

      Hi Couper – the ones I have expire in February – the Oasis Juice Coupons were found on Allen’s Apple Juice bottles. I wasn’t aware there had been any apple juice coupons. You may even still find the Allen’s apple juice bottles in stores with the coupons. Hope you find some 🙂

      • Couper says:

        Hmm. I wasn’t clear that I was referring to the 3 x 1.50 coupons for Oasis juice that were on the labels of Rougemont apple juice bottles, not to coupons for apple juice. Those Oasis coupons expired Nov. 30, so it seems they had a different date from the Oasis coupons on Allens bottles.

        I assumed both brands had the exact same coupons. I haven’t seen the Allens bottles in my area (GTA), and but will keep an eye open.

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