At I Love Savings we know how hard it can be to understand everything and get started but you might just find some of your answers in our FAQ Section.

For your convenience, our most common questions are answered right here. Not finding what you want? Reach out directly through our Contact Us page.

Q: It must take a lot of time to coupon and price match, right?

A: The simple truth is that I Love Savings has taken the time needed to get the deals, out of the equation for you.

We post the best of the best deals for you weekly for every region of Canada (West, Ontario, Quebec, Atlantic). In our posts, you will find the item, the size of the item, the price, the location of the sale, a link to the flyer for that sale (or a screen shot when flyer link isn’t available), and links (where to currently find) to the coupon if there is a coupon for the item we are posting about.

Each week, you can simply click on the region tab that applies to you, find the deal, print or gather your coupons, gather your screen shots with the info provided, and go shop!

Q: I am new to couponing, how do I start?

A: Please see a variety of our Useful Guides HERE. You will also find various links to our useful guides on the sides of the website or quick access coupon websites at the bottom of the I Love Savings website.

Please Join Us on Facebook HERE for a real time Q&A forum.

Q: We can’t extreme coupon in Canada, can we?

A: While you may not come out of your store with overage & two trucks loads of items on your first shopping trip, or your second, or even your 100th, let’s be real here for a minute….

If you’ve ever seen an episode of Extreme Couponing and thought, “There’s no way that’s possible!”, you’d be wrong. Those shopping trips are well planned and executed. We’re talking months of preparation for that one shopping trip. They’ve saved up their FPC’s , every high value coupon they could get their hands on, and are shopping at stores that allow for stacking coupons and doubling coupons…

While we cannot double coupons, nor “stack” coupons except at London Drugs in Canada, we can and do get free items EVERY week and overage many weeks. We do this by combining sale prices with coupons, and cash back offers with all of our favorite apps.

For a list of Our Favorite Apps click HERE and sign up RIGHT NOW.

Seriously, put your hard earned money back into your own pocket where it belongs!

For a list of what is FREE & what deals we can get overage with this week, click here!

Here’s a great 8 min video showing the Basics of Price Matching and Couponing and how we combine all the savings tricks to get to some of the best deals we can. For more great videos you can visit and subscribe to our YouTube Channel HERE


Q: What is an Insert Coupon & How can I get more inserts?

A: An insert coupon is a coupon that comes in a little booklet with your local Newspaper.

The usual ones that can be found are Red Plum, P&G, and Smartsource. There are sometimes additional ones throughout the year such as Smart Saver and Walmart inserts.

There are a number of ways to get more insert coupons.

  • Be very friendly with your insert delivery person. They often have extra inserts that get destroyed and probably won’t mind leaving them with you instead. It’s nice to share your freebies once in a while too.
  • Stop into your local Newspaper Office. They often have extra copies available and won’t mind if you take a few.
  • Ask your friends/neighbors/coworkers/family for theirs if they aren’t going to use them. Again, It’s nice to share your freebies once in a while too.
  • Join some Facebook coupon trading groups. People often seem to have plenty of extras and will often trade generously.
  • Finally, and let’s be real here, nobody wants to talk about this but, it can work… dumpster diving. Many buildings have recycling bins right at the mail boxes and many  people take their inserts out of the mail and promptly dispose of them into said recycling bins. Even the post office has the recycle bins handy. In many cities, there are recycling depots that will allow you to go in and grab whatever you want. Just make sure you have permission before doing so. Any time you plan to dumpster dive, it’s important to get permission for this activity.

Q. I didn’t get a coupon insert in my newspaper. What do I do?

You should be getting a Smartsource insert every 3-4 weeks, a Replum insert every 4 weeks and a P&G insert every 2-3 months. If you don’t receive them, we suggest contacting your local paper to find out why.

Here’s a video to help you learn how you can get more insert coupons.

Q: What is an FPC & how can I get FPC’s?

A: An FPC is a coupon which will allow to get a product completely FREE.

  • When & if there is an FPC available online (this happens more than you think), I Love Savings will post it immediately. Make sure you’ve bookmarked us on your mobile device so you can easily access our latest posts and check us out daily.
  • Many Facebook groups/pages hold contests where you can win coupons, gift cards, and FPC’s, including our Facebook Group! Join and Like all of your favorite products Facebook pages!
  • Make sure you’re in our Facebook Group and click on “get notifications” under the cover pic, so you will be notified of every new deal and coupon. Many times, a coupon will go so fast that we don’t have time to blog it before it disappears, but we will have a post in the group. Join today so you don’t miss a thing!
  • There is a list of companies that mail out coupons when contacted, please use it, it’s golden. You can access that list HERE. While they may not mail out FPC’s every time, they often mail out HIGH VALUE coupons to those that take the time to contact them and express what they like about their company or product.
  • Many times, a company will place an FPC inside another product, such as the Maxx Scoop Litter, with an FPC for  for tidy cat inside of the product. They are promoting their new product and really want you to try it.
  • A great way to acquire any coupon that you’re searching for is to join a trading group on Facebook.
  • The truth and nitty gritty of the FPC’s is this: most fpc’s actually come from consumer complaints. If you have a legitimate complaint about a product, most companies in order to maintain good standing in your eyes, will offer to replace the product via an FPC coupon.


Q: How can I get around the “enter a valid email addy & verify for multiple contest entries, coupons, and such”?

A: Many freebies & coupons require us to have a valid email that we will need to verify.

We’re going to share with you a way to create multiple real email addresses that you can easily verify your accounts with. 

Gmail won’t recognize periods as characters within usernames. What this means is that you can add or remove the periods from a Gmail address without changing the actual destination address so all your emails will go to YOUR one single inbox.

For example, all of the following email addresses are really only one account…

  • I.LoveSavings@gmail.com
  • IL.oveSavings@gmail.com
  • ILo.veSavings@gmail.com
  • ILov.eSavings@gmail.com
  • ILove.Savings@gmail.com
  • ILoveS.avings@gmail.com
  • ILoveSa.vings@gmail.com
  • ILoveSav.ings@gmail.com
  • ILoveSavi.ngs@gmail.com
  • ILoveSavin.gs@gmail.com
  • ILoveSaving.s@gmail.com

Q: How do I know when it’s a good time to use my coupon?

A: The short answer here is, we honestly don’t post deals that aren’t good. If we post a deal with a coupon, you can bet it’s a good time to use that coupon. That being said, it’s a good idea to check our STOCK UP PRICE LIST. You can refer to that list to see if we’ve gotten the product (matching your coupon) for FREE before, or what you can expect to pay after using your coupons.

The best way to use coupons is when the item is at an all time low price (or as close to it as you can get), you also have cash back offers for the item, and your coupon will bring your item to a balance of zero or overage. For example, a lot of times we have coupons for $6 off Glade Warmers. They often go on sale for $6 or less, making them FREE in store/no money out of pocket. We also, often have cash back offers on Zweet, CaddleCheckout51 or all of the above. With this information, we can better determine when to use our coupons. I would wait for the Glade Warmers to hit that great price and an offer on one of the apps, to actually get paid to bring these home… again, check the STOCK UP PRICE LIST to see if “your item” was FREE within the last year or not, as that will also be a good indicator.

Q: How do I know if a coupon is HOT or NOT?

A: All high value coupons are HOT. A lot of not so high value coupons will be HOT if they mean you can get FREE products when combined with a “sale” price, and cash back offers.

Please refer to our Stock Up Price List to see what kind of deals you can expect with certain coupons. This will be a good indication of what is a HOT coupon.

If you’re still not sure, please feel free to ask us either in our Facebook Group, or here on the Contact Us tab.

We are here to help and would love to answer any questions you may have.

Q: How do I find out what stores MY STORE will price match to?

 A: With Walmart and FreshCo specifically, each location seems to have different policies across the board, for price matching, as well as couponing, so we would advise you to ask at each store personally. Speak with the Manager or Customer Service Rep.

As for other stores, they mostly have the same rules at each location so you will find their rules online or by speaking with the Manager or Customer Service Rep.

Q: How do I price match Meats & Produce?

 A: Stores that price match will also price match Meats & Produce. The product only needs to be the same product, Granny Smith Apples for Granny Smith Apples, Strip Loin steak for Strip Loin steak…. you cannot price match Gala Apples for Granny Smith Apples, nor Angus Beef Strip Loin Steak for Reg Strip Loin Steak and so on.

Meats & Produce only need to be the same product and don’t have to be the same country of origin.

Weird fact, most flyers advertise the price in pounds, but actually sell the products in price per kilograms. How we calculate the price for price matching is multiplying by 2.2. For instance: Green Grapes are on for .79c per pound. So, .79 x 2.2 = 1.738.  The number we need is the 1.738, round up to the nearest cent, and we have 1.74. Our price per kg is $1.74.

It’s best to pre-calculate your item price before getting to the cash so you know if the cashier has rung it in properly or not. So if your grapes weigh 2.8kg, you figure out your item price by multiplying the per kg price by the weight. $1.74 x 2.8kg = $4.87

Please see our Meats, Produce, & More List for Ontario, West, Atlantic and Quebec to save at least 60% with price matching alone!

Check out this video that explains how to price match meat:

Q: What is a good way to organize my coupons?

Sherri’s A: I prefer the simplicity & speed of the Coupon Bag. I’m a busy mom to 3, wife to 1, zoo keeper to 3, and Bartend on weekend nights. I love that I don’t have to mess with the sleeves of binder sheets, nor folding the coupons. My coupon bag has 2 sections, right and left. I keep the grocery items in alphabetical order (by company name) on the left side and the all other items in alphabetical order (by company name) on the right side.  You could use a lunch bag as a coupon bag, but I wanted the custom fabric and features.

I Love Savings Sherri's Coupon Bag for Blog

You can watch this video that explains the Coupon Bags :

And…. if you would like to order a Coupon Bag, Please check out GlowGirl Fibers and use coupon code “I Love Savings” for 10% off your entire orderShop GlowGirl Fibers HERE.

Cindy’s A: I am all about savings. I use my kids old binders to keep the inserts (smartsource redplum and p&g) & mail out coupons from various sources. I use 2 boxes for tears pad coupons(1 for food & 1 for non food). I use my pretty coupon bag from my bestie to bring with me when I go shopping.

I Love Savings Cindy's Coupons

 Heather’s A:  I’m a very visual person so like my binders.  I have two of them.  One is for anything edible and is divided up between meats. dairy. beverages, frozen, dry goods, baking, snacks and pets as they eat too.  The other binder is for everything else and i have it divided up for health, beauty, paper products, laundry, cleaning and miscellaneous for anything that doesn’t fit.  In both binders I use the hockey card sleeves as well as dividers for easy access to sections.  I also found these great big zipper type plastic pages that start off each section for any of those great cardboard coupons or ones i really don’t want to fold.  I put all coupons for the same product in the same sleeve regardless of expiration date that way I know where they are for that particular product when it comes time for a sale.  I keep track of my high value and FPC coupons in my food binder in the very front that way i’m sure i’ll never miss out on using them.

I Love Savings Heather's Coupons

Eliane’s A: I like to see all of my coupons so I use a double ring binder. One side are by categories, frozen food, cereal, dairy, food, cleaners, laundry, personal care, pets, etc. On the other side I have my FPC so I don’t miss using them before they expire also my current month. I use sticky strips on which I write the dates on it saves a lot of time at the end of each month. I carry my binder but leave in the car cause you never know when you’ll spot a great deal.

I Love Savings Eliane's Coupons

Q: What should I do with all of the extra coupons I have, and won’t use?

A: Trading coupons is a great way to unload those extra coupons you no longer want.

Another great idea, and one of our favorites, is to be a Coupon Fairy (put coupons out in the stores with the corresponding products). It would be awesome if you wrote on the coupon “#ilovesavingsca” but not necessary.

Q: I’m having trouble with one of the deals that you posted. Are you able to help me?

A: We are here to help you with anything we can. Please contact us through the Contact Us tab or in our Facebook Group, where we have a real time question and answer thread. Our belief is that the only stupid question is the one unasked…