Types of Coupons

Types of Coupons & What to Watch For

At I Love Savings we know finding coupons can be tough and when you are new at it even trying to figure out the terminology can be tricky so we thought this useful guide on the Types of Coupons out there may be helpful. There are many Types of Coupons and they can be found in various places.   In Canada, look for a redemption address of St. John’s New Brunswick on the coupon. If it has any other redemption address on it then it may not be real or valid in Canada. Some exceptions do apply.

You will also find more useful information on How To Find Coupons HERE. Many times we are also able to use Price Matching and a Cashback Program to help us reduce our costs even further and occasionally get something for Free or Overage or for $1 or Less.

Types of Coupons & Where you Might Find Them:

  • Tear-pad – A pad of coupons, usually on the shelf or display, where you tear the coupon off of the pad. Great coupons can be found on tear pads and can be taken without buying anything.
  • Hang Tag – a coupon hanging off of a product. You should use the hang tag on the product it is on and in the store you found it in.
  • Peelie – A coupon that is attached directly to the product to be “peeled off“– should be used on the product you are purchasing at the time you purchase it.
  • Printed Coupon – there are many good coupon websites out there that allow for printing of coupons. Please note that not all stores accept printed coupons however the majority of them do if they are from these trusted websites. Please see our Printed Coupons Page
  • Mailed Coupon – there are a number of websites that have the option or only give the option of a mailed to home coupon. Please see our How to Find Coupons Page.
  • PDF Coupon – Portable Document File Coupon are more rare but when they do come out a PDF coupon can be printed unlimited times during its valid period.
  • Insert Coupon – Insert coupons come in your local newspapers at different times throughout the year. The ones we see are Redplum, Smartsource, Unilever, Walmart Insert, P & G, Save – watch your papers for when they come out.
  • Company Mail Out/Replacement – On every product we buy there is a way to contact the company whether a phone number, website address, mailing address etc. Contact the companies of the things you use the most and ask if they have any coupons. We have also compiled a list of companies that have been known to mail out coupons upon request. Also see out Company Mail Outs Page.
  • Digital Coupons (Coupgon App) – For more information on Coupgon or to get the App visit our Must Have Apps Page
  • Cashback Apps – For more information on the cash back apps Checkout51, Zweet, Caddle, Cartsmart & Save please see our Must Have Apps Page.

Some Things to Watch for on a Coupon

Study your coupons, read them carefully. Just like there are various types of coupons there are also various restrictions that may be included.  The wording on coupons can be quite tricky especially if you’re not familiar with them. Things you need to take note of are:

  • Sizes – such as “400g only”
  • Flavors/varieties – such as “lemon scent only”
  • Exclusions – such as “not applicable on trial size, travel size, value pack, gift pack, and bonus packs”
  • The best coupons are the ones that state “valid on any (1) product”. These can be used on trial/travel sizes which is a great opportunity for a freebie. Some other things to note in regards to the wording on coupons are:
  • Expiry date – a coupon is valid until the end of the shopping day on the expiry date.
  • Pictures on coupons – unless otherwise stated, you do not have to purchase exact item in the picture, go by the wording on the coupon.
  • One coupon per purchase – means one coupon per item. One coupon per transaction – means one coupon per item, per transaction. If you want to use more than one coupon to buy more than one item, you’ll need to break it into separate transactions.
  • Not valid with any other offer – means that you can’t use this in combination with another coupon. This does NOT mean that you can’t price match & use your coupon.
  • The huge NO NO of couponing is reproduction! This is fraud. You cannot reproduce your coupon in any way, shape, or form. It is illegal and you can be prosecuted.

Some stores such as Rexall have their own store specific coupons. This is great because generally, these stores will allow you to use one store specific coupon PLUS a manufacture’s coupon.  You will also find the some great Promotions and Mail in Rebates such as the PC Plus Offers, Air Miles Offers and any other great promotion we find that helps us Canadians save money HERE

**If your store has a great Catalina, break your items into separate transactions to get as many coupons as you can. **