How To Find Coupons

How to Find and Get the Best Canadian Coupons

Here’s how to find coupons for use in Canada.  Start by following I Love Savings as we’ll post the best online ones. Here are some great pointers and places to look though.

Good Couponing Etiquette: Only take or print coupons that you can use for your family.  If you end up with more than you need be the cool coupon fairy and spread them around for others.

What You Should & Shouldn’t Do… A Video Tutorial on Coupon Etiquette




Online Printed & Mailed Coupon Sites

Remember if you register for an account make sure you register one account for each family member to maximize your savings unless it states one account per household. Watch your accounts for when coupons reset – sometimes they do and will allow you to print or order them again.

Walmart Coupons

  • Prints coupons through the Save portal
  • May have different coupons than the Save website
  • Mail and print coupons


  • Printable coupons – allows 2 prints per computer
  • VIP Mail Club – every so often the VIP Mail Club goes live and is first come first serve until they run out of coupon packs. Watch the I Love Savings Facebook Feed for when it goes live.  When it does answer the questions and enter your info. You will receive an envelope in the mail in approximately 6 weeks.

SmartSource – I Love Savings Portal

  • Only has printed coupons
  • allows 2 prints per computer


  • Has both printed and mailed coupons
  • 1 print per account
  • Has hidden coupon portals on occasion

Kraft Canada      

  • Print only coupons and 1 per account
  • Can change at any time and high value coupons go quick


These are limited to one print per account

  • They have hidden portals once in a while
  • Occasionally they release a P & G sampler.  When they do we always blog them and post it in our Facebook Group.  Grab them quick as they do go fast.


  • Has coupons you can print monthly
  • Must register an account.

Go Coupons

  • Can only have 1 account per household address
  • Coupons do not change very often
  • Printable coupons are 1 print per account
  • They sometimes have mailed coupons


  • Has an insert that comes in the mail on occasion as well.
  • Generally has Mail In Rebates
  • 2 Prints per computer

Healthy Essentials

  • Mostly Johnson & Johnson coupons
  • Coupons seem to reset every 90 days to reprint
  • 1 print per account and two per printer

Healthy Shopper

  • 1 print per account
  • Resets on occasion

Save on Energy

  • Coupons for home energy savings
  • For Ontario Residents Only


  • Coupons change on occasion but rarely
  • Can print as many coupons as you need

Bayer Coupons

  • Must fill in contact info before you can print

Gluten Free Coupons

  • Register to the website
  • They send out coupons packs a few times a year
  • Occasionally sends out special emails


  • Can print as many as you need
  • Coupons change periodically


  • These coupons are store specific to Metro

Shoppers’s Voice – Click the image to take the survey!!

  • Sign up and register to the website.
  • Take the survey – note it is a long one and will take a little bit of time to fill out
  • Periodically they will send you emails with printable coupons or you may receive samples and coupons in the mail



Other Great Places to Watch for Coupons

Company Social Media Groups

  • Lots of companies are involved with social media – join their Facebook Page, Twitter Feed, Pinterest Board or Instagram Feed.

Email Programs

  • Look for the Canadian website for a company and join there email program
  • If there isn’t a Canadian website contact the American one and ask if they have a program for Canada.

Contests & Promotions

  • Watch for contests and promotions as a lot of times just by entering a contest you have a chance to win a coupon or give you a coupon just for entering. Please note not all contests do.

Product Packaging

  • Watch product packaging for coupons, contests and promotions
  • Could be a peelie attached to the package, a hang tag around the product, an insert inside the package or printed on the package itself.

In Store Demonstrations

  • Occasionally you will see in store demonstrations or demonstrations at festivals or other scheduled events. Not always but sometimes they also have coupons in particular if it is a new product out.

Product Displays

  • There are always product displays found anywhere in a store and generally not where you would normally find the product
  • They can be a good source for coupons but not all product displays will have coupons

Mail In Rebates

  • With mail in rebates you have to purchase the product, keep the receipt and submit your information to the company, in the format they say and meeting the requirements.
  • Can take a few months to get your money back
  • There are many places you may find a mail in rebate offer: magazines, inserts, online

Product Review Groups

  • Register to Canadian Product Review Groups
  • When a new offer goes live apply and see if you are chosen
  • They do expect you to try the product and give a review in order to stay active and qualify for any future product sampling.
  • Generally gives full size products and coupons for future use or to give to friends
  • Wants people involved with social media

Sample Source
Twice a year they have a sample pack go live that contains various products for you to try and sometimes has coupons.
Watch the savings groups for when they go live as the go fast
Once they go live you have to login and answer a questionnaire – it will tell you how many of the samples you qualified for and you will receive it in the mail in about 2 months.


  • I will try to help you navigate and maximize your samples.
  • Since the samples are one per household make sure you sign up your mother and aunt too. If your child is in dorms sign them up too
  • Sample Source gives away hundred of thousands of sample boxes they last only an hour or two so make sure you sing up fast for all your family. If you wait too long many of the samples will be gone.
  • To shorten the time it takes to register sign up before the sample are out.
  • Remember to confirm the E-mail by pressing the email link you will get
  • When asked about what do you use at home do not pick the products that are given as samples. Pick another brand you are using or a generic brand.
  • If you have both male and female members in your family remember that women get more samples then man. So sign up the ladies.
  • If you are doing it for 2 households clear the cookies after each submission. You can also use another computer to submit another person in your family in another address.
  • If you need to do another address it is best to use another IP address. Good luck and let the fun begin.

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