What can you say about coupons other than they are our friend. Whether it is a Manufacturer’s or a Store Specific these paper advertisements are our little gems and help us save.

At I Love Savings we will blog daily deals using them and when possible a Cashback Rebate to achieve the lowest prices we can on our every day needs.  Are we Extreme Couponers? Yes We Are!!!!  Please ensure when searching online you look for Canadian Coupons as there are all kinds of websites out there for Americans and they are not valid here.  Look for a St. Johns Redemption address.  Some exceptions do apply.

At the bottom of every page of the I Love Savings website you will also find quick links to all the most commonly used websites for coupons.

Please note we do not always know the expiration date or even how long a it will be available for so please keep that in mind when deciding to print.  A coupon not used is money lost in ink and paper as well so think of that too.  However, when it is a High Value Coupon we also recommend printing it as soon as it comes out as those disappear quite quick.

For other great references on how and where you can find them check out these pages as well.

  • Company Mailouts/Websites – this is a list of some companies that have been known to mail out coupons if contacted or have newsletters to join
  • Hidden Online Coupons – many times there are hidden portals – this is a good place to look for those
  • How to Find Coupons – these are some tips and tricks for finding them online and some of the best websites we check daily – you will also find the majority of these websites as quick links at the bottom of every page of the website for easy access.
  • Types of Coupons – this is a handy reference for the types you will find out there and give you an idea of other places to look
  • Printed Coupons – this section has some of the best printed ones on the internet – we post them as we find them
  • SmartSource Coupons – a great source for various brands of coupons
  • Promotions & Mail in Rebates – we post them as we find them so check back often.

Here’s a great 8 min video showing the Basics of Price Matching and Couponing and how we combine all the savings tricks to get to some of the best deals we can.  For more great videos you can visit and subscribe to our YouTube Channel HERE