Category: Promotions Mail in Rebates

From time to time us girls at I Love Savings will be surfin the net or shopping in the store and come across a great Promotions Mail In Rebates. When we do we will post it in this section. Many companies put out some great offers through the year so check back often.

We will post deals with using some of the promotions whenever possible to maximize savings.

If you are a Shoppers Drug Mart Optimum Member another great way to utilise some of these promotions and rebates is to buy them at Shoppers Drug Mart during points days or with personal offers. A Mail in Rebate you pay for upfront so helps towards the total you need to get your points but then you get your money back through the rebate and in some cases could make your purchases free. For more great tips on how to use the optimum program to your advantage take a look at our Shoppers Optimum guide found under the useful guides section of the website.