Category: Newbie Chronicles

Colleen is Brand New to Couponing & would like to share her “newbie” adventures & fiascos with us!
Whether you’re also a newbie, or a pro, follow Colleen along as she learns the ropes.
See how long it takes Colleen to become a Super Saver & see what blunders she encounters along the way!


It’s Been a While….

Good day. I’m having a rough time with this journey. The bad experiences are definitely out weighing the positive ones. I haven’t PM or used a coupon in almost 3 weeks. Yikes. Ever since the...

Let the Adventure Begin! 0

Let the Adventure Begin!

Let the adventure begin!  In my case, it did a few weeks back. I apologize for the delay, but,  man I’m hooked.  I’m always searching for the next big deal! Let’s go back a bit… shall...