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At I Love Savings we really are all about caring and sharing so thought we’d share a little more about us. We are 4 money savvy women that love to shop and love to save.  Every week we post deals on grocery savings for across Canada and any other savings deal we feel might be of value. We search 100’s of flyers weekly to find money savings deals and help people learn How to Price Match, add in a Coupon and or a Cash Back Program to achieve the lowest prices possible for their everyday needs.

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So why do we do it? We have been doing this for a few years for our own families and we know how much money people can save. We know that changes in income for whatever reason can make finances tight and in some cases almost impossible to stretch. For some people this may even lead to other frustrations and depression or further family issues. We know that by making the posts we do on grocery savings that we are helping people across Canada provide something for their family and at a savings. For some people it may even make the difference between whether they need to use a food bank this month or not. Gotta say that last one is a big one for us. It’s also why we have our website as a free website so anyone from any income level can use it to help provide for their families. We volunteer our time to do what we do. It makes us feel good knowing we can help people with our knowledge and personal experiences.

We have the passion for what we do and we love it.

Here is a little more about us on a more personal level.


Lives in Central Ontario Canada Single, White, Female, No Kids, Never Married, 5’8″ – wait this isn’t a dating site.

Hmmmm…..  I went to college for Business Administration – the good old days.  I owned a 24hr/day, 7 day/wk answering service for a few years after that.  Then for years I worked with my ex and his website company doing data entry and design although never did quite master the art of programming.  A number of years ago I did have my own dating website so learned a lot about how the online advertising world worked.  The transformations of the internet over the past 20years really are astounding when you look at them.  After we parted ways I worked as the manager of a solar company for a few years and had the opportunities to do some things and mingle with some people most people only dream about.

Since then I’ve done many things including still working with websites and one day came across a marketing idea i had not seen before and by following it I eventually came across a savings group.  I followed it for a little while and tried some of the ideas and was impressed so much so I started blogging.  I enjoyed being able to make donations and helping others and of course providing for my own family.  Through blogging I met a great group of ladies to team up with to start the I Love Savings Group with.

me profile pic three 2Sherri

I live in Northern Ontario. I’m a happily married mom of 3. I work as a Bartender on weekend nights. The rest of the week, you’ll find me online, answering questions, blogging, vlogging, or just hunting down the deals! Check us out on Youtube and please don’t forget to subscribe…

I have my Social Service Worker Diploma from College and my First Year in Psych from University.

I worked as a bartender while attending school and never got out of it…

I LOVE helping people save money on the things we need/use every day                            .

Couponing has impacted my life in ways I never expected… so many ways.

First, let me just say that my work industry is NOT what it used to be. In fact, most bartenders I know have two jobs now when we used to thrive on a few, three or four hour shifts a week in the good old days, lol.

So, my point is this, before couponing, a bad day at work, could have been the difference between paying a bill and doing the groceries. These are basic needs that nobody should have to choose between. Couponing changed that for me. I NEVER stress about a bad shift, or two, or even three… My house has never been so stocked with everything my family needs to eat well. My bank account has never had such a reserve stash. I’ve had to buy 2 extra freezers to hold all the stuff we get for free or very close to free. Every need of every family member can be fulfilled without leaving the house. Whether it’s food, snacks, beauty, health, we’re covered. I always have extra cash to cover “emergencies”, or higher than expected bills, which happen more than we’d like to think about.

My first experience with couponing, or “how I got into it” … my daughter showed me how to get free laundry soap with a printed coupon. I was floored! It was amazing to me that these “deals” existed and I never knew about them… I used to be a shopaholic. I am reformed. From the free laundry soap day, forward, couponing has seriously changed the way I think about money, my spending, my “stashing”.

I used to make a grocery list and follow it, sort of. Brand name everything at retail prices. OMG! Right?

Now, I still get Brand name, but most times, I don’t shop unless it’s free or overage. Meats are different; I stock the freezers when I can get “whatever” meats for next to nothing too, and yes, sometimes for free or overage as well. I make my list according to price matches & coupons. I don’t stray from my list EVER (unless, you know, hubby is with me, there’s always some form of chocolate magically ending up in the cart).

I haven’t paid for cleaners/laundry soap/health & beauty products in 3 years, that savings alone add up to quite a large number but, I can honestly & confidently say that I save over $10,000 a year!

I blogged for another savings group for roughly 2 years with my awesome team mates that we have here and we decided to venture out on our own for a variety of reasons but, the number one reason I’m here is to help people learn the ropes. I hate seeing people just give their hard earned cash away when they don’t need to.



I live in Eastern Quebec and I am French but fortunately also very fluent in the English language.  I started working at our local grocery store when I was 15 years old and I just loved it. I worked as a cashier and in the meat department– and imagine that, I thought I would work there forever – lol!  Well, that didn’t happen, I moved on… I then worked as a dental assistant, a waitress, a cook, a secretary, a security guard, wow, what a variety!

I have happily been with my wonderful man for 30 years now – boy how time flies, guess I’m getting old!

I have been using coupons for the past 30 years and then started price matching when our local grocery store closed and we had no choice but to travel one hour to North Bay, which was the nearest store to us in Ontario. It’s a lot of work and a bit time consuming but I love to reap the rewards of helping my family and friends to save money.  I also have a wide range and stock of “free” items and I share plenty of them with the local food bank so it can in turn help many people in the community so I guess we could say I am “paying it forward” in a sense.

I have been blogging sales, coupons, deals and steals, etc. for the past 2 years now.  I recently teamed up with three wonderful ladies and we are all focused on I Love Savings to help all who have joined our group. It’s actually very rewarding and exciting to find that next deal, steal, or coupon,  that will help everyone save money.  After all, who doesn’t like saving money?


10533328_10204120208035113_2057879731854934008_n (1)


I live in Central Manitoba and I came to Canada from Hong Kong in Jan, 1990.  I graduated from University and have a Bachelor of Art degree, major in Business Administration.

Happily married and proud mother of 2 boys.  I have worked at a Chinese Restaurant, travel agency and now at the biggest bank in Canada.

I LOVE SHOPPING but I have no clue how to use coupon and have never price matching in my life until I joined my 1st Saving group and never turn back. Using coupon and price matching changed my life forever.  I have no idea you are able to get FREE stuff and even get paid to shop.

I learnt from the best and decided to “Pay it Forward”. I started volunteering by blogging deals and became admin in the same saving group for the last 3 years.  I am so proud of myself to be able to have a stock pile of a lot of different items and 2 chest freezers full of FREE stuff and also able to donate to the local food banks to help others in need.

Couponing and price matching are very time consuming and involve a lot of planning and organizing but I enjoy every step of the way and it is very satisfying and rewarding.

Luckily, I met some beautiful and wonderful ladies, we share the same belief and interest and we decided to open our own saving page to help all other who would like to save and shop!!!!!!

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